The PLATFORM project aim is to develop a platform to enable the cost-effective and efficient finishing of metal powder-bed AM components, and providing a cloud-based marketplace through which the platform can be delivered. The key objectives in achieving this are:

  1. To provide an optimised CAM package (CloudNCfAM) for dedicated optimised finishing of AM components.
  2. To provide a modular work holding system to allow optimal scanning and machining strategies to be employed.
  3. To provide a cloud-based service network multi-sided marketplace for delivery of the CloudNCfAM CAM software and post-processing operations (PLATFORM).
  4. To demonstrate the PLATFORM capability in an industrially relevant environment and to benchmark the process capability against existing processes.

To achieve these objectives, the key areas of research are:

  1. Developing a CAM package to enable i) automated input and interrogation of complex
  2. CT-derived geometrical representations of powder-bed component builds; ii) automated assessment of machinability of the support structure and component, iii) automated optimised roughing and finishing toolpath generation.
  3. Developing a modular work holding system that will be rapidly reconfigurable, allowing the optimal CT-scanning and CNC machining of the component, and integration of this hardware with the CloudNCfAM CAM software to provide intelligent build-configuration information to the AM provider through the cloud-based marketplace.
  4. Developing a multi-sided marketplace, based on the existing 3D printer network, and developed at UoW to exploit the new business models afforded by 3D Printing and enabling distributed manufacturing.
  5. Validation of the PLATFORM both in-house, through the UoW AM, CT and CNC facilities and through engagement with a cohort of evaluation end-users.

Next Steps…

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